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We design, create and install inventive surfaces for inspirational interiors. Using luxurious materials such as polished plaster, concrete, relief plaster and impasto we infuse traditional form with the latest ideas and trends. We work with architects, designers and brands to create bespoke artworks, large scale installations and relief surfaces.

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Pittura Arte (Hong Kong) Limited

Creative Coating/Decorative Paint is a new concept in the market and it has become extremely popular since its introduction whereas Ko Tin Construction Limited has continued to strengthen its position as the market leader in painting construction and established Pittura Arte (Hong Kong) Limited in 2013. Decorative Paint is an antistatic and anti-dust product that creates seamless connections with colour retention, whether you are painting an interior or exterior, it can provide exceptional and enduring results when compare to emulsion paint/latex paint.

High-quality Decorative Paints offer not just excellent durability and all-round performance profile, they have low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) content, are waterproof and non-toxic, thus, also a good choice from an environmental perspective. Our group has also joined in and staked out a position on green and sustainable while providing professional services for its customers.


Ko Tin Construction

With the excellent reputation for quality we built, Ko Tin Painting Limited has grown from a business serving only emulsion paint/latex paint, wallpapers and professional spray painting, to serving different corporates including luxury retailers, private villas, clubhouses, offices, hotels and show flats through another Company of the Group, Ko Tin Construction Limited, which was set up in 2005.


Ko Tin Painting

Ko Tin Painting Limited was established by Master To, Chi Kin in 1998 (formerly 先進油漆), mainly offer painting service which involves solid wooden floors and whitewashing wooden furniture.


Room 406-407, Milkyway Building, No.77 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong


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